Wednesday, June 2, 2021


Hey Raynham Riders,

I'm so glad everyone is excited about summer lessons and the Summer Saddle Up program. We're working on the schedule and getting registration set up as fast as possible. Please do not call or email to find out when it will be up, it will be up as soon as I can get it done :) It doesn't look like I'm going to finish it today before I start teaching and I don't have any time in the office tomorrow so it will likely not be until Friday at the earliest at this point.

Thank you for your patience,


Friday, May 21, 2021

Lessons resume Monday, May 24th!

Hey Raynham Riders!

Exciting news - with the update to the stay-at-home order, lessons are permitted to resume!  We need the weekend to get organized so classes will start again on Monday.  We will continue with the Spring schedule, so your lesson time will be the same as it was prior to the lockdown.

As for billing - all days of the week received 4 classes prior to the lockdown.  We now have 5 weeks remaining in the spring session, Monday, May 24th - Sunday, June 27th, for 9 classes total for all days of the week.  We will start adjusting invoices now with the correct balance owing.  If you had paid the full amount for the spring session, I will be in touch directly to discuss options.

PLEASE NOTE!  We were completely full prior to the lockdown, so there will not be space for any new students until July at the earliest.

We are going to need a few days to get the lesson restart sorted, and then we will send out details regarding booking summer lessons and our Summer Saddle Up program.

We can't wait to see everyone back at the barn!  Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

Nikki & the Raynham Team

Monday, April 26, 2021


This year, the Show Team is hoping to raise money to purchase lights for the outdoor rings. This addition will benefit not only Show Team riders, but all Raynham students, as we will all be able to enjoy riding outdoors longer on warm summer nights and through the fall, as the days grow shorter.

Sticking with a successful tradition, we are once again fundraising through North Country Meat and Seafood Ltd. You can look forward to being able to choose from a delicious selection of top-quality meat products.

We hope everyone will be eager to participate. BBQ season is beginning, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What better time to stock up! I know my freezer is empty and I am looking forward to filling it up again!

Email to receive product info and order forms!
Place your orders by Friday April 30th. (Please do not leave ordering until the last minute!)
Send completed order forms to Please do not send payment to this address.
Send payment via e-transfer to Raynham Stables at, just as you would do for lesson payments. If you absolutely cannot pay by e-transfer, please contact Louise and Helen at so we can arrange for you to pay by cash or cheque.
Order pick-up will be Friday, May 7th around 5:30 pm. As the food is frozen and we have no means of storing it long-term, it is imperative that you be available to pick-up that evening. (Details on pick-up procedures to follow at a later date, based on COVID-19 restrictions.)
If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at We’ll be happy to help.
Louise and Helen


Friday, April 2, 2021

Ontario Shut Down Order Update

Hey Raynham Riders,

We have read through all of the available information on the new “Shut Down” restrictions and it’s very unclear and full of contractions. Unfortunately, Public Health and Bylaw are closed today as it is a holiday, so we were unable to get further clarification.

We feel the best course of action to ensure everyone’s safety, is to close the barn for the next two weeks. Thankfully we already had planned closures this Sunday for Easter and April 12-18 for spring break, which means riders will only be missing one week of classes (and two on Saturdays). Our hope is that over the next two weeks we can get clear permission from Public Health and Bylaw to reopen. We will use this time to get our outdoor rings fully operational and set up the outside grooming stalls again. Then, ideally, we can resume classes outdoors after the April break, which appears to be permissible under the new guidelines.

Once we have a clear reopening date, we will figure out a plan to deal with the missed classes. We will either extend the spring session and/or a credit so riders will receive ALL classes they have paid for.

Stay safe and healthy! We hope to see everyone back at the barn shortly,


Ontario Shut Down Order

Hey Raynham Riders,

I know you are all anxiously awaiting an update on the impact of the new "Shut Down" order on our lesson program. The published information is unclear and has conflicting information so we are just trying to get some clarification before we announce our plan.

We will post here, on Facebook and send out an email blast as soon as we have further details,


Thursday, March 11, 2021

UPDATED Spring Lesson Schedule

Hey Raynham Riders,

Thank you for your patience while we update the schedule, we did our very best to accommodate the requested changes.  We spent hours and hours juggling riders, checking horse assignments to ensure there are suitable horses for each rider each day, and tried to be as creative as possible to fit people in.  A huge thank you to Gabby, Lindsay, Alex & Rachel for your help.  Please be sure to double-check your time - we didn't make too many major changes to the schedule as it's just jam-packed so full, but there have been some adjustments.

We intentionally have very few groups of 5, to ensure the school horses are not overbooked as they have not been in heavy work since mid-December.  Once we see how the horses are adjusting to the increased workload, we may be able to add more riders from the waiting list to the schedule.   

We will start sending out invoices tomorrow.  To be fair to those on the waitlist, if invoices are unpaid by the second class of the session, riders will lose their spot and we will offer the time to someone on the waiting list.  If you need to make payment arrangements, please just let us know.

The session starts this Saturday, March 13th.  We are VERY much looking forward to having everyone back at the barn!

Nikki & the Raynham Team

Sunday, March 7, 2021

TENTATIVE Spring Lesson Schedule

Hey Raynham Riders,

I apologize for the delay in getting the schedule posted. I know I always say the schedule is a challenge (and it is!) but this one really was a doozy.   We simply do not enough hours in the day or horses in the barn to accommodate the demand from our regular students, never mind the extensive waiting list.  I hate disappointing people and always try to fit everyone in, but it simply was not possible this time.  Below is the tentative schedule.  I had to give quite a few riders times that were slightly outside of their provided availability.   If your time does not work, please let me know ASAP.  I will do my best to adjust, but if there isn't another suitable spot, I will start offering those times to the riders that did not get a spot in this draft of the schedule.

Please send us an email with any conflicts by 4pm on Tuesday.  I will work through the required changes Tuesday & Wednesday and will post a revised schedule on Wednesday afternoon.  This schedule begins on Saturday, March 13th.  

Thank you for your support,

Nikki & the Raynham Team