Friday, November 15, 2019

Show Team 2020!

Hey Raynham Riders,

Show Season 2019 may have ended less than a month ago but it's already time to start preparing for the 2020 season!  At this point, we are looking to gather information on who is interested in competing in 2020.  If you think you'd like to show, please fill out this google form.

We have not finalized the details for 2020 trailering/coaching fees, part board rates, etc. but it is unlikely to change very much from this year.  Please send me an email if you would like the 2019 show package sent to you.

Many of our talented and beloved school horses that have given us years of show opportunities are getting older and close to retirement. We are actively looking for some new horses for the show program and would like to offer riders the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.  By paying your yearly part board/lease upfront, we will horse shop together to find a great horse for the show program and for you! If this is something that interests you and would like further details, please let us know.

We are looking forward to wrapping this season up with a bang at our 11th Annual Holiday Banquet.  It's open to ALL riders - we hope to see many of you there!

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Nikki, Lindsay & Caryn

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tack Up Area Renovation Fundraisers

Hey Raynham Riders!

We are excited to announce that we are having our tack-up area renovated!  It will be enclosed and insulated with additional doors to keep it warmer for our horses and riders while tacking up and untacking!    It is a BIG undertaking so we would greatly appreciate any support you can give.  We are running a few fundraisers to help offset the cost, details are below.  We have also added a heater in the big arena over the bleachers to keep parents warm while spectating and the heat is on in the small arena viewing lounge as well.

Meat & Treats Fundraisers!

Both order forms are due on Friday, November 22nd and delivery will be on Friday, December 13th. There are also paper forms available to be picked up in the riding school tack room if you prefer.  Completed forms can be dropped off in the cheque box in the tack-up area. Please make cheques payable to "Raynham Show Team" (the account we use for fundraising).

North Country Meats

We have done fundraising with North Country for our show team for years and have very impressed with the quality of their products!  Barn favourites include chicken breasts, chicken fingers, steaks, salmon, and ribs!


We tried MacMillian's for the first time last year and it was a hit!  The muffin and cookie batters are delish and so are the soup mixes and ready-to-bake appetizers!

11th Annual Raynham Holiday & Awards Banquet!


The Banquet countdown continues!  We are now 1 week away from the close of ticket sales.  Don’t delay, get your tickets today!! (yes I know that rhymed).

Date: Friday, November 29th
Time: Doors open @ 6pm, Dinner @ 7pm, and all night long: FUN, FUN, FUN!

Adult Ticket $75.00
Child Ticket $40.00 (12 and under)

For tickets please email:
Cash or Cheque (payable to Raynham Show Team) can be left in the mailbox in the tack up area.


As in previous years, we will be running our exciting silent auction at our Holiday and Awards Banquet. The funds raised will help to offset both banquet costs and a facility upgrade that will benefit all riders (and parents) by providing them with an insulated tack up area that will keep them comfortable all year round!

This year we would like to present a special opportunity to get in on the auction anytime, anywhere! If you want to pre-bid or can't make it to Banquet but want an item, this is your chance. We are offering some of the items donated this year for your bidding online! Perhaps you know someone outside of Raynham who would be interested? Share this opportunity with them!

The online auction site will be live from November 15th at 12:00 pm until the evening of Banquet, Friday, November 29th at 9:30 pm.  If you are attending Banquet, you can bid on these online items by visiting one of the online bidding stations. If you are not coming to Banquet, no worries, you can continue biding until close! Go to to view and bid. Please share the link with friends and family as well!  More items will continue to be added throughout the next two weeks so keep checking back. There will also be additional items to bid on that will only be featured at the Banquet!

Want to donate an item?

Thank you to everyone that has already donated items to the auction already.  Many have told me of the fantastic items would still like to donate.  Please bring them to Raynham, and leave them in the camp trailer, at your convenience.  We would love to collect all the items by November 18.

If you would like to help by donating an online auction item, it is not too late and would be very much appreciated! Items can be added to the online auction as late as November 25th by 6:00 pm. Email: Robin Johnson at and please include a photo of your donation. 

Thank you for all of your support, we look forward to seeing you at the banquet!

Winter Riding Tips!

Hey Raynham Riders,

Winter has decided to arrive early and with a bang! Here are a few tips for staying comfortable and warm in the colder weather:

  • Dress in layers and make sure your base layers are moisture-wicking. Thermal long underwear designed for skiing is ideal! Once you are riding you will warm up quickly, so be sure your top layers have zippers so they can easily be removed when mounted.
  • Head, hands, and feet lose body heat quickly. Wear winter boots with ski socks, warm gloves or mittens, and a hat when tacking up. Snow pants or sweatpants over your breeches are a good idea for chilly days. You can remove the extra layers and switch to riding boots and gloves right before you get on.
  • When riding, a headband can fit under a helmet or a cozy helmet cover is also a great option. 
  • Winter riding boots (some options include: Greenhawk or Pleasant Ridge) and gloves are awesome for staying comfortable during the winter months.  
  • If you can’t purchase riding-specific gear, your regular winter boots may be fine. They need to have a ½” – 1 ½“ heel, not too chunky treads and the foot needs to be narrow enough to fit into the stirrup. Ask your instructor to check if you are unsure. 
  • For those really cold days, hot packs (, sold at Costco, Marks Work Warehouse, Canadian Tire, and many other places!) in gloves and boots are a great way to stay warm

Horseback riding is a year-round sport, but we do live in Canada so please remember to dress appropriately so you can enjoy riding throughout the winter :)  

Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday, November 11th - Classes ARE running

Hey Raynham Riders,

We have decided to run classes this evening as they are just forecasting light snow for our area.  Some of our riders later this evening are coming from Toronto - if the commute is a total mess, and you would prefer to reschedule, please let us know via email. There are some openings on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning this week. 

Nikki & Lindsay

Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

Hey Raynham Riders,

Winter has sure arrived with a BANG!  We wanted to remind everyone of our inclement Weather Policy, below.  If you ever have any questions about our riding school policies or procedures, they can be found on our website.

Inclement Weather Policy

Lessons will be canceled if the temperature is below -12c before the wind-chill or during unsafe driving conditions (such as heavy snow or icy rain).   Please remember to check the blog or our Facebook page to ensure classes are running.  Any cancellations will be posted by 7:30 am on weekends, 1:00 pm on weeknights.  

During the winter session, students do NOT need to book a make-up for inclement weather cancellations, so there’s no reason not to continue riding over the winter :) For the winter session, we bill for one less class so if we have to cancel a class, we are square.  If we have to cancel any additional time(s), riders will have the option to schedule a make-up or deduct the class off of the spring session fees if you prefer.   If we have to cancel a class in the Fall or Spring sessions (very unusual), we do ask that riders reschedule their class and we will offer an additional day for make-up classes if needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions!  As always, we are constantly working to make Raynham the BEST place to ride!


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Banquet, Auction and Fundraisers


The Banquet countdown continues!  We are now 3 weeks away from close of ticket sales.  Don’t delay get your tickets today!! (yes I know that rhymed).

November 29, 6pm doors open, 7pm dinner is served, all night long:

Adult Ticket $75.00
Child Ticket $40.00 (12 and under)

For tickets please email:
Cash or Cheque (payable to Raynham Show Team) can be left in the mailbox in the tack up area.


Thank you to everyone for the auction donations.  Many have told me of the fantastic items you have to donate.  Please bring them to Raynham, and leave them in the camp trailer, at your convenience.  I would love to collect all the items by November 18.


The North Country and MacMillans fundraisers are in full swing!  You can get all the info and selling tools needed in the school tack room (2 separate binders), or if you prefer, send me an email.  A reminder that all orders and payment are due November 22nd with delivery December 13th.   Please put your orders in the mailbox in the tack up area.  Cash or cheque (payable to Raynham Show Team).    

Monday, November 4, 2019

Raynham Stables: Social Updates!

Hello again Raynham Riders, and Families!

So we have moved into the wet and windy month of November...what better way to spend it than to look forward to a warm and inviting night at Nobleton Lakes Golf Club!  Let's celebrate the Holiday Season together.  You still have a few weeks left to purchase tickets, but DON'T leave it until the last moment!!  Bring the whole family and make it a fun night.

November 29, 6pm, shmoozing, auction and games, dinner at 7pm.
Adult Ticket $75
Child Ticket $40 (12 and under)

We are also looking for auction far we have a great assortment of items, but MORE IS BETTER :)  If you or someone you know is interested in making an auction donation we are ever so grateful.

Did I mention cold, dreary, wet weather?  Well we've just the solution for that!  North Country and MacMillans fundraisers have begun!  Funds raised will go towards a warm and weatherproof tack up area.  Get selling, stop freezing!  All the info you need to sell is located in the school tack room, or email me and I'll send you a copy.

If you have any questions about tickets, auction items or fundraisers please email: