Friday, December 28, 2012

In House Clinic Series

Want to get ready for the try-outs/winter schooling

show? Or just keen to get back in the saddle?  Come for  

an intensive two-day clinic!

Clinic Highlights:
  • TWO rides each day
  • Video analysis
  • Lunch included
  • Riders are allowed to bring a groom to audit (lunch included)
  • Classroom lesson both days

  • Dressage - Thursday, Jan.3rd
  • Show Jumping - Friday, Jan. 4th

Clinic Format

AM: Group lesson, maximum of 4 riders. Lesson will be focused on the skills needed for your dressage test or course jumping techniques.

LUNCH:  Meal is included as well as classroom session after lunch. Dressage lecture will focus on the Training Pyramid and tips to improve your dressage test scores. Show Jumping lecture will include a how-to on walking your course, seeing your line & stride and more.

PM: Riders will ride their dressage test (Thursday) or jump a stadium round (Friday) while being videoed. We will review the footage with feedback so the riders can see where they are excelling and where they need improvement. Riders will receive a copy of the notes to take home to review.


One Day:
  • School Horse: 88.50/day + HST $100.00
  • Own horse: $79.65/day + HST = $90.00
Both Days: Ride both days and save $25!
  • School Horse: $154.87 + HST = $175.00 
  • Own Horse: $137.17 + HST = $155.00
Email Nikki to register,

Try-Outs & Winter Schooling Show - Saturday, January 5th

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a terrific holidays and are keen to get back in the saddle! I just wanted to post a reminder that the Show Team Try-Outs & Winter Schooling Show have been moved Saturday, January 5th.  You may use the regular online registration form for try-outs,, please make a note in the comments section.

Hope to see you there!

Show Details

Approximate Time Schedule:

The times are for the start of the division.  Riders will need to arrive at least 45min early to do a thorough grooming, clean their tack, then tack-up and mount 15 min before their start time to warm up.


10:00am:   Pre-Entry Dressage Start
11:00am:   Entry Dressage Start
12:00am:   Pre-Training Dressage Start
12:30pm:   Lunch Break and course set-up/walk
1:30pm:     Stadium Begins (Runs in order of division)
3:00pm:     Grasshopper & Smurf Divisions

Dressage Ring
Dressage Test

Riders in the combined test must learn their dressage test.  We cannot call tests for riders.  If you need to have a test called, a parent or friend will need to call for you.

Pre-Entry Dressage Test
Entry & Pre-Training Dressage Test
(LEFT: diagram of the 20m x 40m dressage ring)


Please dress neatly but appropriately for the weather.  Be sure to arrive early enough to do an impecable grooming job and clean tack.  You will need to be here one hour before your division unless your horse will already be tacked up.

Other: Please leave dogs at home

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clinic Groups & Times

Auditing spaces are still available! 

Even if you do no feel ready to ride in the clinic,  we encourage everyone to come audit (watch) the clinic, as you can gain a ton of knowledge from observing!

Auditing Fees (includes meals):
- $25 for Friday, $30 for Saturday or $50 for both days if paid for by Thursday, Dec 15th
- $35 for Friday, $45 for Saturday if purchased at the door

Clinic Times:

Attention Riders! If there is an issue with your times, please let me know ASAP.

Friday, December 16th  – Dressage
45 min semi-private lessons.  Riders are asked to mount 15 min. ahead of time and warm-up in small arena. 

12:00pm – Group 1 – PE
Emily Garbig – Rumba
Katie Vandeloo – Jynx

12:45pm – Group 2 – PT
Laura Meneghetti – Breeze
Stephanie Esani-Boyle – Tobey

1:30pm – Group 3 – T
Nicole Maclellan – Buttercup
Cassie Gourley – Magnum

2:15pm – Group 4 – PE/E
Lauren Dean – Herc
Lindsay Pike – Denver

3:00pm – Group 5 – E
Megan Byrne – Snoopy
Kyleigh Hutchison – Freckles

3:45pm – Group 6 – E/PT
Alex Nisker – Colin-flat, Magnum-jump
Ellie Fraser – Rosie

4:30pm – Dinner Break

5:15pm – Group 7 – E/PT
Jaime Pettitt – Dime
Krista Gislason – Nero

6:00pm – Group 8 – PT
Marjorie Macdonald – Ernie
Alex Simone – River

6:45pm – Group 9 – E/PT
Amy Kryschuk – Georgie
Bianca Iddiols – Apple Pie

7:15pm – Group 10 – PT
Allison Collier – Denver
Brittany Durham – Jazz
Saturday, December 17th – Stadium
1 ½ hour group jumping lessons

9:00am – Group A – Pre-Entry
Emily Garbig – Rumba
Katie Vandeloo – Jynx
Lauren Dean – Hercules
Stephanie Esani Boyle – Tobey
Lindsay Pike – Denver

10:30am – Group B – Entry/Pre-Training
Amy Kryschuk – Georgie
Bianca Iddiols – Apple Pie
Jaime Pettitt – Dime
Krista Gislason – Nero
Laura Meneghetti - Breeze

12:00pm – LUNCH BREAK

1:00pm – Group C – Entry/Pre-Training
Megan Byrne – Snoopy
Kyleigh Hutchison – Freckles
Allison Collier – Denver
Brittany Durham – Jazz
Ellie Fraser – Rosie

2:30pm – Group D – Pre-Training +
Alex Simone – River
Alex Nisker – Magnum
Marjorie MacDonald – Ernie
Katrina Lunardo – Nero
Nicole Maclellan – Buttercup

4:00pm – Question & Answers