Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's only June and we've already been to 7 shows! Here are the results so far:

MCTA Horse Trials - May 1st-2nd

This was a fabulous show with a lovely cross country course. The weather was a little crazy though, in the 30's with the humid-ex pushing 40! It felt like you were breathing water. The horses were terrific despite the heat!

Novice - Lindsay & Ernie - 9th

Training - Nikki & Buttercup - 7th

Preliminary - Lindsay & Reba - 10th

Wits End Horse Trials - May 8th

It was raining and windy but Lindsay & Reba were terrific! They won an orange safety horse sheet from This is the only colour that doesn't appear in nature and protects horses, humans and other pets from hunters. Check out the website for details.

Open Preliminary - Lindsay & Reba - 1st CONGRATULATIONS!

Will O’ Wind - May 15 - 16th

Will O’ Wind was a great weekend, despite the heat! Sarah came home with our second first place ribbon of the season, congratulations! It was Allison and Anna’s first event and they did great. Jaime’s face and Jynx’s neck collided during XC warm up but Jaime was able to keep it together and rode a super clear XC round. Emily unfortunately learned that if your horse leaves the dressage ring, you are eliminated but fortunately was allowed to continue and had a great time. Buttercup was a super star and finished 2nd! Lindsay got to test out his air vest, and gave it two thumbs up!

Training – Nikki & Buttercup – 2nd

Lindsay & Ernie – E

Entry – Sarah & Herc – 1st CONGRATULATIONS!

Jaime & Jynx – 5th

Allison & Denver- 6th

Anna & Beau – 9th

Emily & Noah – E

Glen Oro - May 23rd

Glen Oro was another hot weekend but again Raynham represented itself well! Everyone rode a clear XC round and there were just a few problems stadium. We’re going to keep working on improving our dressage score and we’ll be cleaning up! Thanks so much to the Simone’s for bringing the tent and all the delicious food, it was terrific!

Entry – Emily & Noah – 6th

Reannon & Snickers – 9th

Anna & Beau – 9th

Lisa & Caramel – 10th

Allison & Denver – 12th

Pre-Training – Alex & Raven – 9th

Grandview - May 30th

It was another hot weekend, not that we’re complaining. It sure beats the rain we had last year! This time Lindsay was the super star and Nikki got to test out her air vest. She agrees that they are terrific! You don’t even know what hit the ground. This was Reba’s first Intermediate and she was fabulous. They were 3rd after dressage, 1st after a clear round stadium and a lovely clear round XC with a few time faults put them 4thoverall! Congratulations!

Training – Nikki & Buttercup – E

Intermediate – Lindsay & Reba – 4th

Foggy River - June 6th

It was the first time we have competed at Foggy River without it raining! It was the first show for many of our riders and they were great.

Pre-Entry - Heather & Howie - 5th

Entry Jr. - Bianca B. & Denver - 1st CONGRATULATIONS!

Erica & Barbie - 6th

Marjorie & Richelle - 13th

Emma & Breeze - 14th

Brittany & Tobey - 15th

Entry Sr. Dawn & Beau - 10th

Heather & Howie - 11th

Cedar Run

The rain held off and the organizers at Cedar Run did a great job laying down gravel along the cross country course to make the footing rideable. They’ve done a ton of work since their first show last year with a new huge sand warm-up area for dressage. We can’t wait to see how the facility turns out! Colin was a super star at his first horse trial and Alex had a great first training! Congrats!

Open Pre- Training - Lindsay & Ernie - 4th

Senior Pre-Training - Hayley & Colin - 12th

Senior Training - Nikki & Buttercup – 3rd

Junior Training - Alex & Raven – 2nd

Peter Gray Clinic!

Eventing Clinic with one of Canada’s three-time Olympians:


Friday, July 9th 12:00 – 8:00pm

& Saturday, July 10th 9:00 – 5:00pm

Rider Bio

Peter is one of only 5 Equine Canada certified level 4 coaches and is a keen educator of aspiring coaches. He has been named the 2009 Ontario Young Riders Coach, and was twice regional coach for NAYRC and national coach for Canada from 1996-2000. He is also actively involved in the certification programme of coaches in Canada and the U.S., as well as an organizer of coaching symposiums and clinics.

His all-round experience as a competitor and coach has seated him on many committees including the FEI Eventing committee, EC high-performance, EC coaching, former chair of the CET selection committee for Eventing and the United States Eventing association professional riders’ council. Peter is the current FEI safety officer for Canada and chair of the Horse Trials Canada safety committee.

Peter’s training is diverse and he has a special interest in producing young horses in a variety of disciplines depending on where their talents lie. This has made him a popular clinician throughout North America preparing students for dressage, equitation and jumpers, and Eventing. As a competitor, Peter has competed at most international events in North America and Europe, has competed in three Olympic Games, World Championships and is a Pan Am Eventing individual bronze medalist. In addition to his Eventing, Peter is currently campaigning his first grand prix dressage horse.

Clinic Format

Clinic will be made up of three groups, each with four to six riders. Each group will ride for 2 hours.

Friday (Dressage):

Group 1: Pre-Entry 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Group 2: Entry 2:00am – 4:00pm

Group 3: Pre-Training 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Group 4: Training 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday (Stadium):

Group 1: Pre-Entry 8:00am – 10:00am

Group 2: Entry 10:00am – 12:00pm

Group 3: Pre-Training 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Group 4: Training 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Rider (Own Horse): $200.00 + GST

Rider (Raynham Horse): $230.00 + GST

Lunch is included for each rider and they can bring one groom!

Auditor (with lunch): - Pre-purchase: $25.00

- At the Door: $30.00

Auditor (no lunch): - Pre-purchase: $20.00

- At the Door: $25.00