Thursday, September 2, 2010

TENTATIVE Fall Lesson Schedule

Here is the Tentative Fall Lesson Schedule! We are still missing many students’ availability still and have left blank spaces in lessons where there is room for additions. Please submit this information ASAP!

If a time you are available for is shown with a blank space or there is not a lesson scheduled at that time, contact us by e-mail ( or give us a call (905-859-0057) to inquire as to whether that lesson would be appropriate for you or your child, or if we could open a new time slot that would suit your needs.

If you have any concerns or questions about this tentative schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please continue to check for updates!


5:00pm: Semi-private

  1. Cleo
  2. Alex L.

5:00pm: - Private

  1. Kathy

5:30pm: Private

  1. Alex Simone

6:00pm: Group

  1. Daniel L.
  2. Kiana C.
  3. Elicia C.
  4. Samantha.
  5. Megan M.

6:00: Semi-private

  1. Sarah
  2. Reannon

7:00pm: Semi-private

  1. Ellie F.
  2. Laura M.
  3. Emma R.

7:00pm: Group

  1. Marjorie M.
  2. Elana S.
  3. Emily C.
  4. Shannon D.
  5. ____________

8:00pm: Group

  1. Alex Simakov
  2. Erika
  3. Heather G.
  4. _____________
  5. _____________


9:30am: Private

  1. Anna B.

4;30pm: Private

  1. Cassie G.

5:00pm: Group

  1. Jade P.
  2. Asia
  3. Emily F.
  4. Jessie S.
  5. ______________

6:00pm: Group

  1. Megan B.
  2. Kyleigh H.
  3. Krista G.
  4. Danielle P.
  5. Kristen P.

7:00pm: Semi-Private

  1. Isabel B.
  2. Morgan S.
  3. Katie A.

7:00pm: Group

  1. Brooke M.
  2. Julia S.
  3. Michaella M.
  4. Tori D.
  5. ________________

8:00pm: Private

  1. Adrianna H.


5:00pm: Private

  1. Dawn

5:30pm: Private

  1. Reannon

6:00pm: Group

  1. Amanda F.
  2. Christina F.
  3. Samantha S.
  4. Beatriz B.
  5. Chiara F.

6:00pm: Group

  1. Katrina L.
  2. Emily C.
  3. Sarah S.

7:00pm: Group

  1. Catarina (September)
  2. Bianca F. (October onwards)
  3. Olivia T.
  4. Emily D.
  5. Alessia
  6. ____________

7:00pm: Group

  1. Bianca B.
  2. Emma R.
  3. Marjorie M.
  4. Lauren Dev.
  5. ______________

8:00pm: Semi-Private

  1. Alex Simone
  2. Elana S.


9:30am: Private

  1. Anna B.

4:30pm: Private

  1. Cassie G.

5:30pm: Private

  1. Rachel K.

5:30pm: Private

  1. Paula S.

6:00pm: Group

  1. Abigail J.
  2. Nikki B.
  3. Alyssa G.
  4. _____________
  5. _____________

6:00pm: Semi-Private

  1. Amy K.
  2. Bianca I.

7:00pm: Private

  1. Leah K.

7:00pm: Group

  1. Tori D.
  2. Adrianna H.
  3. Jessica Sinka
  4. Krista G.
  5. ______________

7:30pm: Private

  1. Heather G.


9:30am: Semi-Private

  1. Rebecca C-S.
  2. Laura C.

10:30am: Group

  1. Sue K.
  2. Heather M.
  3. Veronica L.
  4. Brenda S.
  5. Leah K.

10:30am: Semi-Private

  1. Kendall Wilson
  2. Kaitlin Wilson

11:30am: Group

  1. Kyleigh H.
  2. Megan B.
  3. Dawn W.
  4. Jaime P.
  5. Lauren Dev.

11:30am: Group

  1. Sophia M.
  2. Heather S.
  3. Laura R.
  4. Emily G.
  5. Amy K.

1:30pm: Private

  1. Rhys

2:30pm: Weekend Staff Lesson

  1. Weekend Staff
  2. Chelsea J.


10:00am: Private

  1. Bianca I.

10:00am: Private

  1. Frances

10:30am: Group

  1. Sara B.
  2. Afra F.
  3. Riley B.
  4. Chloe

10:30am: Semi-Private

  1. Alex L.
  2. Cleo M.

11:30am: Private

  1. Jaime P.

1:30pm: Semi-Private

  1. Lena S.
  2. Maya S.
  3. Vera S.

2:30pm: Semi-Private

  1. Peter B.
  2. Mary M.
  3. Alannah B.

2:30pm: Weekend Staff

  1. Weekend Staff
  2. Bianca Bohn

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Lessons!

Wow, the summer has flown by! Camp was a blast and we've had a terrific show season. I have gotten very far behind on my show updates but I will try to do one huge update next week once everyone is back to school and things quiet down. Ten of our Raynham show team members are competing at the OHTA Provincial Championships this weekend (and we had 5 others qualify, Congrats to all that qualified!). Good luck this weekend, everyone!

Fall lesson registration is well underway and I need everyone’s fall availability to complete the schedule. Currently I am unable to update the website due to technical difficulties but the form is still working, despite having last years dates. Please fill out and submit ASAP! The link is:

If we are unable to repair the website by tomorrow, the fall schedule will be posted here on the blog. Should you have any questions regarding fall lessons, please send an email to: