Friday, September 4, 2015

Session One Lesson Schedule

Hey Raynham Riders!

Thank you for your patience in getting the lesson schedule posted.  It was trickier than usual this year; I have done my absolute best to give everyone has a time that works for them.  The weekends are a bit too popular - if anyone is interested in switching to a weeknight, let me know!  It would be much quiet than than the weekends and you would be more likely to get your favourite horse/pony :)

We will have the office set up in the camp trailer for the first week of the session.  Please come check in at your first class as there are new rider forms to fill out and we are going to invoice as you check in so you can let us know if you would prefer to pay for the full session or do the payment plan (see pricing details here).

If you are missing from the schedule, don't panic!  Just send me an email and I will get it sorted out for you.

Some Notes:
Tuesday @ 7pm - Erika, Sue & Robyn - Some of you requested a private/semi but I thought you would make a terrific small group.  If you would prefer to do a private, let me know and I can adjust!
Wed @ 6:00pm - Olivia B - All of your lesson buddies from camp are doing Thursday @ 6pm, let me know if you'd prefer to switch to the group class!
Sat @ 10am - Julia D. - I couldn't create a group class at your level close to your sisters' lesson time.  There is a group Thursdays at 6pm that you could ride in instead if you prefer.
Sat @ 1:30pm - Simona, Mila, Paulina & BK - Since you are all just starting out, I have put you in all in a one-hour time block.  We will do private lessons for September and then transition you to a group once you are ready.