Friday, May 25, 2012

Schooling Show Sunday, June 3rd!

We will be running our final schooling show of the 2011-2012 series on Sunday, June 3rd!   Register online - Schooling Show Entry Form.

Our outdoor jumping ring is fully operational now and we are hoping to run a short course for show students!

Look forward to seeing you all there.  Just a reminder that there will not be regular classes that day.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Show riders, this was sent out in a OHTA email blast and includes important rule changes for all levels.  Please read!

Notification of Rule Changes for 2012 Season

As the first event of the season governed by the Equine Canada Rules is almost upon us, the OHTA wants to alert you to some of the more significant changes in the rules this year. Please review the 2012 Rules of Equine Canada, Section D Eventing: Combined Tests, Horse Trials and Three-Day Events and the Annexes (Effective January 1, 2012) – all easily found on the Equine Canada website. The Canadian Eventing Committee of Equine Canada has also done a summary of some of the more significant changes – see pages 22 & 23 of the 2012 Omnibus.

The more significant changes include the following:
  • Cross country will be timed and time penalties will be awarded for all levels.
  • Penalties for going too fast up to and including Preliminary will be calculated using the “Speed Fault Time” concept (which may not result in a 30 second window).
  • On Cross country, the fourth disobedience (refusal, run-out or circle) over the course will result in elimination at Training (in addition to the lower levels), and elimination still results after the third disobedience at the same obstacle. (While a change this year in the wording of D311.1.1 appears to allow one or two refusals at any number of obstacles for Preliminary and above, we understand that this is not intended and will be corrected. It is our understanding that at Preliminary and above, elimination will result after the third disobedience on cross country.)
  • Breaking or unhinging a frangible obstacle/device on cross country results in 21 penalties, subject to the discretion of the Ground Jury.
  • The 2012 Omnibus indicates that Article D311.1.3, which dealt with dangerous riding, has been deleted. “Dangerous riding” is now dealt with just in Article D111. 6 (where there have been no changes).
  • The rules now make it clear that half marks are not allowed in dressage marking.
  • The rule concerning “larking” has been changed. It now reads as follows (the sentence in bold is new): Larking - (the unnecessary jumping of fences that do not form part of a rider’s course) is prohibited under penalty of elimination at the discretion of the Ground Jury. However the Ground Jury may permit a rider (once only) who has mistakenly jumped a fence from another course to continue as long as he/she subsequently jumps the correct fence before jumping the next obstacle. It is permissible to jump a fence of a lower level, in the correct direction, if it offers a better line to the next obstacle.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Due Dates for Show Entries

Hello Show Team riders!  Here are your 2012 due dates for entries. 

P.S. Don't forget to include:
  • Cheque to the show (READ the omnibus to ensure that all fees are included)
  • Cheque to Raynham for Show Fee 
  • Photocopy of membership cards
  • COMPLETE entry form - they can refuse to accept your entry if it is incomplete!

                           Glen Oro H.T*             Friday April 30th
                           Grandview H.T             Friday May 14th
                           Caledon H.T*               Friday June 4th
                           Woodwind H.T             Friday June 11th
                           Dreamcrest H.T             Friday June 18th
                           Glenarden H.T              Friday June 25th
                           Equus 3D C/T               Friday June 25th
                           Will O’ Wind H.T          Friday July 2nd
                           Equus 3D H.T               Friday July 9th
                           Dreamcrest H.T              Friday July 16th
                           Grandview H.T              Friday July 23rd
                           Wits End H.T                 Friday July 30th
                           Glenarden C/T-S/C         Friday July 30th
                           Richland H.T*               Tuesday, July 10th
                           Cedar Run H.T*             Friday August 20th
                           OHTA Champs              Friday August 27th
                           Myrddin S/C                  Friday September 3rd
                           Glen Oro H.T*               Friday September 10th
                           Equus 3D H.T                Friday September 17th
                           Woodwind H.T              Friday September 24th
                           Will O’ Wind H.T          Friday October 1st
                           Mid South 3 Day*         Opening date – Online

* You can enter these events online at   There will be a confirmation page to be mailed in - print it off and submit by due date.               

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Session Five: April 29th - June 24th

Just a reminder that session five began Sunday and lesson fees are due at your first class of the session. See you in the barn!