Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Updated Lesson Schedule & Make-up Lesson Policy

Hey Raynham Riders!  

It's been terrific seeing everyone back in the saddle! Below is the updated lesson schedule.  If you still need to make a change or have not yet enrolled in classes, the only available spaces are highlighted in green. 

I also wanted to remind riders of our make-up lesson policy: 

Make-Up Lesson Policy

We realize that students occasionally have to cancel a lesson, so to simplify the process of rescheduling we have set up the online scheduler to book make-up lessons: http://www.raynhamstables.com/online-lesson-scheduling.html.   It is the responsibility of the student to book their make-up lesson by the end of the session.
We are aware that it can be difficult to find a make-up spot, especially during the busy spring and fall months, so please do not cancel unnecessarily.  Spaces to book a make-up are made available by other students canceling, please be courteous and PROVIDE AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE IF YOU ARE GOING TO MISS A CLASS so we can open your space on the scheduler.   Also be aware that the opportunity to make-up a class simply may not occur for you, a make-up lesson is something we HOPE will be available; it is not something we can guarantee will happen.
Make-up Lesson Details:

  • We ask that students provide at least one week’s notice if you are going to miss a lesson.  This gives other students enough time to be book your now-open time slot for a make-up lesson.  Please notify the office via email (or cancel through the scheduler) to receive a make-up lesson.
  • We realize sometimes things happen at the last minute – illness, car problems, etc.  As long as you provide at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, we will still allow you to schedule a make-up lesson.  Please note – with only 24 hours’ notice, it is virtually impossible that someone will be able to book your time on the scheduler so students may only cancel last-minute ONCE per session.
  • If you cancel a private lesson, we cannot guarantee that there will be a private lesson space available so you may have to do your make-up in a group lesson instead.
  • Make-ups are only available to students currently enrolled in lessons.  If you stop taking lessons for a session, any missed classes are no longer available to be made up.
  • Make-up lessons are nontransferable and cannot be deducted from the next session fees.  
We're looking forward to a fantastic session!  Feel free to speak with your instructor or send me an email if you have any other questions,


Updated Lesson Schedule

Group Class Times
8:00pm - Intermediate/Advanced, Teen & Adult - RING ONE

5:30pm - Intermediate, Youth/Teen - RING TWO
6:00pm - Advanced, Teen - RING ONE
7:00pm - Novice/Intermediate, Teen - RING TWO

6:00pm - Novice+ - Teen - RING TWO
7:00pm - Advanced Beginner/Novice, Youth - RING TWO

6:00pm - Beginner/Advanced Beginner, Youth - RING TWO
7:00pm - Novice/Intermediate - Teen - RING ONE
7:00pm - Novice, Youth/Teen- RING TWO
8:00pm - Advanced, Teen - RING ONE

10:30am - Intermediate, Adult - RING ONE
10:30am - Novice - Youth/Teen - RING TWO
11:30am - Beginner/Advanced Beginner - Child/Youth - RING TWO
12:30am - Intermediate/Advanced - Teen - RING ONE
12:30pm - Advanced Beginner/Novice - Youth/Teen - RING TWO

10:30am - Novice - Youth/Teen - RING TWO
11:30am - Intermediate - Teen - RING ONE
11:30pm - Beginner/Advanced Beginner - Child/Youth - RING TWO
1:30pm - Intermediate - Teen - RING ONE
1:30pm - Novice - Youth/Teen - RING TWO

Friday, September 1, 2017

TENTATIVE Fall Schedule

Hey Raynham Riders!

I hope everyone is excited as I am for the fall lesson to begin! It sure feels like fall is coming this week with the cooler weather.  The school horses are enjoying their vacation this week but I'm sure they are looking forward to lessons (and treats!) again too!

Here is the TENTATIVE schedule for this session. If you are missing from the schedule or are scheduled for a time that you cannot ride at, don't panic! Just send me an email and I will sort it out :) I did my very best with the schedule, it was challenging this year, as usual! I am very appreciative to everyone that helped me figure it out - Amy, Lindsay, and Caryn! I am still missing a few rider's forms and I had to schedule a few riders for times that they did not list as available so I am anticipating that there WILL be changes. Please check back here Sunday for any revisions. When you arrive for your first lesson of the session next week, please head over to the camp trailer to check in (new rider forms & waivers, payment, etc.)

Thank-you to everyone for your patience and support, it is much appreciated! Just a reminder that classes resume TUESDAY, SEPT 5th!


Olivia B. - if you can't do Monday at 5:30 pm, you could do the group Wednesday @ 7:00 pm
Lauren C., Maija K. & Sarah J. - Did you guys want to do a 3p semi on Mondays @ 6 pm?
James M. you are at 5:00 pm right now because there was no early lesson but I am happy to move you to earlier if we can fill the spots
Paeten C. - I know you didn't really want Thursdays - there will be a space Tuesday @ 7 pm as of November or you could also do the Sunday @ 10:30 am or 12:30 pm classes. 
Ashley K. - Are you able to ride Wednesday's at 5:00 pm?