Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Lessons & Camps!

Just a reminder to send us an email if you are interested in summer lessons! We schedule on a weekly basis in the summer so we can fit you in when you are available. The fall lesson registration will be posted on the website August 1st.

Summer Camp Availability

July 4th - 15th
Raynham Eventing Championships
- One half-session (week two only) space available

July 18th - 29th
Raynham School of Wizardry

July 31st - August 12th
Around the World in 13 Days
- Four residential spaces available, also accepting day campers

August 15th - 26th
Once Upon A Pony
- 12 day camp spaces available

Feel free to contact us for more details!

No Schooling Show Sunday

Unfortunately we do not have enough interest at this time to run a schooling show Sunday. We schedule the May/June schooling show for an earlier date next year so that it does not conflict with end-of-school events and vacations.

I apologize to those who were keen to enter. It would have been a fun day!