Friday, January 2, 2015

Session Three: January 4th - February 28th Lesson Schedule

Hey Raynham Riders!  

Here is the lesson schedule for Session Three, January 4th - February 28th.  In case you didn't see the last email blast, here are the changes we have implemented to help make winter riding more enjoyable this session:
  • HORSES IN – All riding school students will have their horses brought in for them so students do not have to go into the back field. If for whatever reason your horse is not in, please let the tack-up help know and they will fetch them for you.
  • Heated Lounge - The new office trailer will be heated and open for parents/spectators to hang out in when waiting at the barn. There will be coffee, tea and hot chocolate available. As of January, we will also have a camera hooked up in the big arena so you can view lessons on a TV from the comfort of the camp trailer! Just a reminder that there is also a heated viewing room in the loft for the small arena and spectators are still welcome to watch from the tack room as well.
  • Driveway - We have a new plowing company this winter – hopefully they will do a better job! There will be two “passing areas” where the driveway is plowed wider - by the big pond and by the top of the hill by the paddocks. Please be courteous to other drivers and pull over in these areas if you see a car coming to prevent anyone getting stuck in the snow banks on the sides of the driveway.
  • Extreme weather cancellations – As in previous years, we will cancel lessons if the temperature is below -12c before the wind-chill or during unsafe driving conditions (heavy snow or icy rain). NEW this year though – although Session 3 (Jan/Feb) is an 8-week session, we are only going to invoice for 7 classes. So if we have to cancel lessons, the first time we’re square. If we have to cancel a second time, students can choose to either book a make up (can be in the follow session) or we can deduct the class off the March/April session. If the weather is cooperative and you get all 8 classes in, we will just add the cost of the 8th class to the following session. Hopefully not having to contend with scheduling make-up lessons will allow more students to continue riding in Session Three!
Also, we want to remind riders and parents that you need to dress for riding lessons in the winter months as an outdoor activity. You wouldn’t go skiing dressed in leggings and running shoes – summer riding apparel is just as inappropriate for winter riding. Riding throughout the winter can be warm and comfortable if you are dressed right! In case you missed it before, here is the link to the tips or dressing for winter riding.


  • If you are missing from the schedule, don't panic! Just email me to let me know and I will fit you in.
    • GROUP LESSONS - the schedule is listed at the bottom of the post. Classes with yellow openings do not yet have the minimum 4 riders so I would prefer to add riders to those classes first.
    • PRIVATE LESSONS - Time slots in green are openings for private lessons. 
  • If your name is bold & italicized, it is because I did not receive confirmation you would be riding this session so please email to confirm. 
  • If you are scheduled for a time you cannot ride at, please let me know ASAP.  

Monday @ 5:00pm - Intermediate Teen Class
Monday @ 6:00pm - Novice Youth/Teen Class
Tuesday - No group classes
Wednesday @ 6:00pm - Novice Youth Class
Thursday @ 7:00pm - Novice/Intermediate Teen Class
Thursday @ 8:00pm - Advanced Teen/Adult Class
Saturday @ 9:30am - Novice/Intermediate Adult Class
Saturday @ 10:30am - Intermediate/Advanced Teen Class (Ring One)
Saturday @ 10:30am - Novice/Intermediate Youth/Teen Class
Saturday @ 11:30am - Novice Youth Class
Saturday @ 1:30pm - Advanced Beginner Youth Class (Not yet confirmed)
Saturday @ 2:30pm - Advanced Teen/Adult Class
Sunday @ 10:30am - Novice/Intermediate Teen Class
Sunday @ 11:30am - Intermediate Teen Class
Sunday @ 1:30pm - Advanced Teen/Adult Class