Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wits End HT - Volunteers Needed!!

Hey Raynham Riders!

Do you need volunteer hours?? Or just have some free time this weekend? Looking for some good eventing karma??

Jo Young, Nikki and Lindsay's coach, is holding an event at Wits End and is desperately looking for volunteer jump judges!!

You get to watch part of the cross country course all afternoon, high school volunteer hours will be signed for, there was snacks and lots of water last year, and she will credit you a free facility fee for XC schooling ($50 value)!!  This is great for show team riders!!

If you are interested email lisat26@sympatico.ca

It would be great if we can get a group to go and carpool both days!! It is lots of fun!!

Eventing depends on volunteers, and if you want to have the events that you go to run smoothly you should consider helping other events run smoothly too!!