Saturday, October 14, 2017

Halloween Schooling Show - Saturday, October 28th

Hey Raynham Riders!

We will be having our annual Halloween Schooling Show on Saturday, October 28th! Everyone is welcome to attend. We are offering the following levels, if you are uncertain what level to enter, please ask your instructor during your next lesson.

The costume parade is always the highlight of the show and will be at approx 12:30pm. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Show Details

Time Schedule:

These times are for the start of the division.  Riders should plan to arrive at least 45min early to do a thorough grooming, clean their tack, then tack-up and mount 15 - 20 minutes before their start time to warm up.   When you arrive, please check in at the show office in the camp trailer to pay and pick up your number.


9:30am - Pre Training/Training Division
10:30am - Entry Division
11:30am - Pre Entry Division

12:30pm -  Halloween Costume Parade
1:30pm - Novice Division
2:30pm - Smurf Division
3:30pm - Grasshopper Division

Attire: Please dress neatly but appropriately for the weather.   Show attire is not required!

Other:   Breakfast and lunch available for purchase. Please leave dogs at home.

Division Descriptions

Grasshopper Division - $60.00
  • Flat Class - Walk, posting trot, 2-point at the walk, knowledge of posting diagonals 
  • Over Fences - Trot pole course, 4 to 6 sets of poles

Smurf Division - $60.00 
  • Flat Class - Walk, posting trot, 2-point in trot, individual canter 
  • Over Fences - Cross rail course, 6 to 8 fences, max 1'6"  

Novice Division - $60.00
  • Flat Class - Walk, posting trot, 2-point in trot, group canter 
  • Over Fences - 2'0" max course

 Pre-Entry Division - $60.00
  • Dressage Flat Class - W/T/C, sitting trot, 20m circles, shallow loops off the track
  • Over Fences - 2'4" max course 

Entry Division - $60.00
  • Dressage Flat Class - W/T/C with some connection, sitting trot without stirrups, 15m circles, shallow loops off the track 
  • Over Fences - 2'8" max course 

Pre-Training/Training Division - $60.00
  • Dressage Flat Class - W/T/C consistently on contact, sitting trot & canter without stirrups, 10m circles in trot, 15m circles in canter, walk to canter 
  • Over Fences - 3'0" / 3'6" max course 

For further details and to enter online: