Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's winter wonderland out there!

With the snow still falling and the road conditions looking uncertain, unfortunately I feel it is necessary to cancel classes yet again.  I have finally entered all the riders into the online scheduler, so students can book make-up lessons quickly and easily online.  I have added a couple classes tomorrow evening so if riders are keen to get in the saddle, you only have to wait until tomorrow! If tomorrow does not work for you,  feel free to pick any time that does.  Right now, the scheduler is allowing bookings up until the end of the current session, but you can also wait and schedule a make-up next session if you wish to hold out for warmer weather!

As this is the second cancellation on a Wednesday this session, if you prefer we can deduct the cost of this class off the next sessions fees.  If you choose this option, please email Nikki so that I can enter it as an account credit.

Here is the link for the online scheduler page:

If you are unsure what level lesson to choose, I have included a copy of the lesson schedule at the bottom of the page which indicates the level for each class as well as the age group. If you have any questions regarding using the new scheduler, just send me an email!