Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Session Four, Summer Camp & more!

Hello Raynham Riders!

Wow, despite the ridiculously cold weather we have had this winter, time is flying by!  It’s hard to believe, but Session Four (Feb 23rd – April 26th) starts in less than a week.    Hopefully this also means that warmer weather is on its way!  If you need to make a change to your lesson time, add an additional lesson per week or wish to resume classes, please me know ASAP.  

We are already gearing up for Summer Camp 2014!  The dates and registration for this summer have been posted on the website, http://www.raynhamstables.com/registration.html.  We have a few exciting changes for this summer.  We will only be accepting 32 campers (instead of 40) so that we can keep the class sizes smaller, which will be greatly beneficial for both the beginner riders and for dressage lessons for the more advanced riders.   We also are excited to be able to offer more XC schooling for advanced riders.   Residential camp will again be split into two, one-week sessions.  The first week will be run as usual but the second week will be geared specifically for intermediate –advanced riders (including competition riders).  Campers that attend both sessions will be able to stay the weekend in between for free.  Details on each session theme and new residential camp format TBA shortly. 

We also have a lot of exciting plans for this spring!  We are going to be starting the lounge over the tack-up area in April, which will provide a large, comfortable (and warm!) viewing area for parents and a terrific craft and lunch area for summer camps!  We will also be tackling replacing the fencing this year, so it’s going to be a busy spring.   If you have any skills and time to offer, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A note about private lessons:
Due to the rising demand for private/semi-private lessons, the cost is increasing by $5.00/lesson ($40.00/session).  I also want to remind students to mount 15 min prior to your lesson time to adjust tack and begin warming up so that you get the most out of your private lessons.   If you are looking to add a private lesson this session, I cannot guarantee that there will be a time slot available until Lindsay and Alex return, as I am already teaching as many hours as possible.  I will do my absolute best to accommodate as many requests as possible.  The cost increase will not affect the Early Rider Program (for riders 5 – 7 years old) as Lindsay and I will not be teaching these classes. 

As always, we are working hard to make Raynham Stables the best place possible to ride!  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.