Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday, February 12th - Extreme Cold Weather Cancellation

Hey Thursday Riders,

Sadly we are going to have to cancel classes today.  It's already -19c (-32c with the windchill, crazy!) and it's only supposed to get colder this evening.  Unfortunately this is the second Thursday that we have had to cancel this session which means that riders do need to book a make-up for tonight.   Just a reminder that we only invoiced for 7 weeks even though they are 8 weeks this session so that the first cancellation we do not have to worry about make-ups.  If we have to cancel a third Thursday this session, we will deduct the class off the next session's fees riders would only have one make-up to worry about.  Riders are welcome to wait and book their make-up next session when the weather will hopefully be a little more accommodating.

I appreciate everyone's understanding.  Stay warm tonight!