Monday, March 28, 2016

Lesson Scheduling - Session Three March 20 - June 30

Hey Raynham Riders,

Sorry for the delay in getting the schedule posted.  Unfortunately the ice storm and power outages on Thursday & Friday meant no internet/computer and then with Easter celebrations on Saturday & Sunday made it challenging to get revised.  Also, only about half the riders submitted a form which didn't allow me to make many changes since I didn't know when everyone is available.

****For tonight, if the Monday riders could come at the same time as last week, that would be appreciated as I am unsure if everyone will see this in time.  The revised schedule will start tomorrow - Tuesday, March 28th. ***

If anyone is still scheduled for a time that does not work, please let me know ASAP.  The openings in the schedule are highlighted in green so check if one of those times works instead!

Lily B. - If 4:30pm is too early, you can stay in the group at 5pm, let me know!
Ida M. - I wasn't able to change your lesson but come mid April, I will almost definitely be able to switch it back.  I hope that's okay!
Cam B. - Tuesdays for now, then Wed @ 7pm come May.  Another option is Sunday at 12:30pm. Let me know which you prefer!

Thanks again for your support and understanding, I am working on coming up with a better way to schedule lessons in the future!