Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Schooling Show & Team Try-outs - Thursday, December 29th

Hey Raynham Riders,

We are having our Holiday Schooling show in the evening of Thursday, December 27th this year as the weekends are full with Christmas and New Years!  As always, schooling shows are open to ALL Raynham Stables students.  Our schooling shows are low-stress, a great learning opportunity as well as a ton of fun! 

For those hoping to compete in 2017, please indicate "Show Team" in the "Questions?" box on the entry form.  Please also fill out a show team application and submit by December 18th!

In case the weather is chilly, we are going to run on our winter format again this year.  Riders will complete an equitation flat class then an equitation over fences round.  This way, all the classes will last approx. 1 hour so riders don't have to wait around all day in the cold!

Division Descriptions

Grasshopper Division - $60.00
·       Flat Class - Walk, posting trot, 2 point at the walk, reverse in the walk
·       Over Fences - Trot pole course, 4 -6 sets of trot poles
Smurf Division - $60.00
·       Flat Class - Walk, posting trot, 2-point in trot, individual canter
·       Over Fences - Cross rail course, 6 fences, max. 2'
Pre-Entry Division - $70.00
·       Flat Class - Walk, trot, canter, 2-point in all gaits, sitting trot
·       Over Fences - 2'4" max course (verticals & oxers), related distances (3+ strides),
Entry Division - $70.00
·       Flat Class - All of pre-entry plus: sitting trot w/o stirrups & walk to canter transition
·       Over Fences - 2'8" max course, required trot fence, combination (1 or 2 strides)
Pre-Training Division - $70.00
·       Flat Class - All of entry plus: canter w/o stirrups, canter to walk transition, leg yielding
·       Over Fences - 3' max course, trot fence w/o stirrups, skinny fence, roll back turn & 1 stride combination.

Approximate Time Schedule:

Horse assignments and confirmed times will be posted on the blog by Tuesday, December 27th.

Ring One (Big Arena)
5:30pm - Pre-Training/Training Division
6:30pm - Entry Division
7:30pm - Pre-Entry Division

Ring Two (Small Arena)
5:30pm - Smurf Division
6:30pm - Grasshopper Division