Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday, December 15 - Lessons will NOT be running tonight

** LESSONS ARE CANCELLED - Unfortunately it is still snowing and the plows are not out yet.  We do not want anyone to have to drive in unsafe condtions so we will NOT be running lessons this evening.  We may be able to reschedule some of this evenings lessons for tomorrow and/or Monday evening.  I will send out an email.

* UPDATE!  As of 1pm, it is snowing more heavily than the radar was showing earlier today.  We will see what the conditions are like at 2pm and reassess if the driving conditions will allow us to run lesson this evening.

Hey Raynham Riders!

The temperature is not supposed to drop below -12c until 9pm tonight so we ARE going to run lessons this evening.  We will shorten the group lessons if riders are getting cold but we thought that everyone would want to get their last rehearsal for Raynham Fun Day in!

Please remember to dress in lots of layers - snow pants or sweatpants over your breeches is perfectly acceptable.  Head bands under helmets, hand warmers in gloves and winter boots if you don't have winter riding boots (instructor will check that they are suitable to ride in) are all recommended.

Lindsay's 7:30pm lesson - there is a cancellation at 7:00pm so we will move you guys up.  The tack-up help will get your horse ready if you can't get here before 7pm.

They are calling for some snow this afternoon.  If you are not comfortable with the driving conditions, just let us know and we can reschedule.

See you tonight!